케이스1 Proper Use of SpO2 Probes

How can we measure accurate and stable SpO2 with less stress to patient?

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There are 3 important points to have accurate and stable yet safe SpO2 measurement;

1) Attach probes to adequate part of patient’s body parts, preferably about 10 mm of thickness.

safe spo2 measurement

Make sure that the light emitter and the photo detector face each other, as in the image below.

safe spo2 measurement

Accurate SpO2 can be measured safely by attaching probes properly in the following manners;

  • Clean the site before attaching probes
  • Secure the cable with surgical tape: this will minimize body movement and will prevent excess force on the probe.

2) Use appropriate probes especially when using continuously at ICU or OR. For continuous measurement: Single patient use probes are preferred. They are;

  • Best at continuous monitoring
  • Easily stabilized wrapping type
  • Least likely to have wrapping pressure

3) Use Nihon Kohden’s genuine probes.
Nihon Kohden’s probes can measure accurate SpO2 continuously for 8 hours and less likely to get burn and our probes are highly recommended to use for safety and reliability reason.